Yimps are lightweight corduroy short shorts for men.  Designed and manufactured in Los Angeles, California, Yimps are blazing the trail for the comeback of men’s short shorts with a vintage flair.  Offered in two styles - original fit (4 inch inseam) and mid-thigh fit (6 inch inseam), each pair is made to order and custom colors are available upon request. Once you break in a pair of Yimps, they will feel like a member of the family.  We welcome direct feedback from our customers to help ensure your Yimps instill glory in your every day life. 

Contact us at awesome@yimps.com


Yimps was founded on the design and ideals of Matt Riley:

"As for me, I've always enjoyed wearing short shorts. As teenagers in the 90's we used to put on short shorts and dress like tourists at Disneyland, or put on skates and hit the beach with ghetto blasters and fake moustaches. I've called them yimps since the 90's. It was a word that kind of evolved, derived from the word "yeah." Over time I got tired of buying old 80's men's shorts off eBay or thrift stores, so I decided to create my own custom pattern so I could make my own shorts any time I wanted. I found a pattern maker in LA who made a custom pattern for me, and I took it a step further by adding tags and labels. People started asking about them, so I graded the pattern and started building some inventory. Within a few months we were doing photo shoots and building the website, a fun hobby quickly became a fun business venture".

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Original Pattern Concept
Find info about the original Vintage Men's Short Shorts pattern.Close Up of Men's Retro Short Shorts - Info About the Yimps Tag
Lightweight corduroy close-up
Close Up of Men's Short Shorts - Info for Yimps Packaging
About the Blue Retro Shorts